Forensic Files – Season 1 Ep 3: The House That Roared

Caren Campano disappears and the explanation of her husband Chris doesn’t hold up. Police find a large stain on the Campano’s bedroom carpet. They perform an eerie chemical test that reveals a room spattered with blood which, when cleaned off, could not be seen by the naked eye. Complex ‘reverse paternity’ tests of Caren’s relatives match her blood type to the blood on the carpet. The evidence convicts Chris Campano of murder, even though the body wasn’t found until a year later.

Caren Campano

BIRTH 15 Jul 1949 New York, New York County (Manhattan), New York, USA
DEATH 1 Jul 1992 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, USA
BURIAL Unknown
MEMORIAL ID 178291709

Forensic Files