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On December 15, 2008, Vernon C. Seitz, 62 yr old white male is found Dead on Entry appearing to be of natural causes.  On December 12, 2008, Dr. Victoria Fetter, Seitz’s licensed psychiatrist contacted MPD to discuss her patients intent to confess to a homicide he was forced to participate in,  following an alleged abduction, sexual assault  and torture by unknown subjects.  Mr. Seitz states he and another victim were abducted while on a family outing to Racine Zoo on June 19, 1959. There is no report of this incident or any remotely similar incident on file and It is the opinion of MPD this never occurred .  Upon reading initial press on this incident, I prepared my own investigative article provided below.

Upon further research I note the article where the psychiatrist references the date for the Barter_danielfirst time, of Seitz’s alleged account, as June 19, 1959. This date immediately sparks my interest as I had been profiling possible links to this case by cross referencing missing children cases of boys, of which Seitz appeared to posses an alarming interest.  I reviewed the data regarding the missing person’s case for Daniel Barter:

Daniel Barter has been missing from Alabama since June 18, 1959. Daniel was last seen playing near the banks of Perdido Bay where he had gone camping with his parents, siblings and other relatives. Daniel reportedly disappeared from the campsite while his parents were preparing some fishing equipment. Daniel did not like water; therefore it is believed that he would not have gone into the bay voluntarily. An extensive search for Daniel ensued immediately, but he has not been seen or heard from since that time.

From several various online sources, the following supplemental information from the Barter family should be considered:

Nehi-sodaDaniel was holding a bottle of Nehi; the bottle was never recovered at the scene. In any scenario other than abduction, based on the exhaustive search, this would have been recovered.

Mrs. Barter recalled a man sitting outside their home in Mobile on separate occasions. One incidence his footprints were located outside of Danny’s window. Both incidents were based on eyewitness accounts.
While at the store in Lillian the morning of the abduction, Danny and his brother were in the car while Mrs. Barter ran into the store. A man pulled up next to them, appeared to do nothing but watch them, did not exit to go to the store, and then left. The older Barter sibling remarked to Mrs. Barter upon her return to the vehicle that the man was just looking at them, but obviously made him uncomfortable.

Daniel was dressed in only gray Boxer shorts which he wore to bed the previous evening, when he disappeared.

Bloodhounds repeatedly followed his scent to the road.

From Seitz On Scene Recovery

In addition to referencing to Mr. Seitz account and date-specific statements regarding abduction and homicide, the following items were recovered from the scene that may be relative to the Barnet case. Although PIO Anne Schwartz has stated publicly that Seitz’s property in Racine, inherited from his deceased Mother Mildred in 2006, has been searched, there is no public record of a warrant for same. Additionally, there is no indication of a warrant for any vehicle owned by Mr. Seitz :

There were 4 freshly dug dirt piles, or evidence of apparent ground disturbance, on Mr. Seitz’s property. According to weather analysis on December 10, the last known witness account of Seitz being alive, there was 13” of snow on the ground already, therefore the ground would have been very frozen:

A cassette tape and cassette video marked “kidnapping of a 4 ½ year old boy”.

A black and white photo of a boy, white male, holding a fish, with “July 1959” handwritten on the back.

A letter from the White House. The Barter’s had strong Washington contacts and received a letter from J.Edgar Hoover at the time of the abduction.  Did Seitz have a copy?

Significant amounts of Child Pornography, hand drawn maps and missing children’s cases posters and maps with circles indicating various locations.

Additional Seitz Data:

  • Mr. Seitz appears to have relatives in the Mobile area. Specifically, his grandparents, Mildred and Raymond Seitz, and his brother Karl had an address in Birmingham. Several cousins as well.

  • Richard K Francel, who was quoted  has a warrant out for his arrest, issued December 18, 2008 for driving with a revoked/suspended license.

  • Current information indicates subject has multiple family members that are registered sex offenders in Wisconsin (please note this is not a full sheet on these offenders, strictly relative offense(s):

Donald P. Seitz: Wisconsin Circuit Court Access

  • 1 948.03(2)(a) Child Abuse-Intentional.Cause Great Harm Felony C Dismissed on Prosecutor’s Motion
  • 2 948.02(1) 1st Degree Sexual Assault of Child Felony B Guilty / No Contest

Wisconsin SO registry:


Michael A Seitz
Firearms/wreckless: Wisconsin Circuit Court Access

  • 1 948.07(1) Child Enticement-Sexual Contact Felony BC Guilty / No Contest
  • 2 948.02(1) 1st Degree Sexual Assault of Child Felony B Guilty / No Contest

Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (WCCA)

Racine County Case Number 1997CF000052


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